Javeline® TelePort™ is an Open Source software that easily allow server to communicate with layer supporting all popular web services. Developers can elegantly implement asynchronous communication between server and client as part of their AJAX projects. It handles time-outs, retries and errors. This script features an advanced polling interface for controlling reconnecting and the polling frequency. Javeline TelePort is a part of the Open Sourced communication layer of Javeline FrameWork.

teleport javeline

Right now,Javeline TelePort has built-in support for XML-RPC, JSON, REST,SOAP,  Comet and Javeline FrameWork-specific protocols. TelePort was released under the Open Source GPL license so support for other protocols can easily be added. For access to source code and the documentation please visit the project page at Sourceforge.net.

Supported Protocols


  • Modulair protocol support
  • Robust polling engine
  • Elegant error handling
  • Elegant time-out handling
  • Automatic retry
  • Comet server component
  • JPHP server component
  • Realtime communication trace for easy debugging


  • Interchangeability between protocols
  • Highly scalable
  • Build for reliability
  • Stable communication foundation
  • Tested in real-world applications
  • Evolved from the 2001 vcXMLRPC library

Update 2016, The Product has been discontinued and no longer will be supported by us.  The website javaline.org is no longer have any relation with the software above and has been planning to create another open source code to perfectly enhance communication  between server and client for better internet experience. But if you are interested to learn more about this project you can visit the sourceforge as you can see at the link above for further information, documentation and source code.