Javeline® FrameWork™ has been discontinue. Right now we have new captain to direct us to another great project that will enhance internet communication. Please stay to this site. but if you are interested in this open source program, you are more welcome to visit sourceforge page that you can find in this article, you will find anything from source code, documentation and useful information which will help you to build projects.

Javeline® FrameWork™ is a sophisticated software development kit for building next-generation applications. With Javeline FrameWork developers can deliver applications to modern browsers on all platforms. Javeline FrameWork focusses on short development cycles and extensive functionality for the end user.


Javeline FrameWork does away with traditional page-based interfaces on the Internet. Web applications can now behave exactly like a desktop application.

Javeline FrameWork includes familiar controls such as trees and buttons that enable developers to build interactive, data-bound applications that automatically update their data without round trips to the server. With the included Skinning Engine designers can create a custom look & feel, using familiar, established technology such as CSS and XHTML.


For coupling data to the interface, Javeline FrameWork embodies a revolutionary technology called SmartBindings. SmartBindings define how data is transformed to the user interface, including standard operations for manipulating data, but also more advanced features such as Undo and Drag & Drop.

SmartBindings are defined in XML-based property sheets, greatly reducing the amount of code to be written – thus minimizing the chance of errors and speeding up the development cycle. Through SmartBindings, developers can quickly create the basic structure of their application without writing a single line of code. This means developers can economically explore multiple variations of a prototype or quick-build a complete concept application for winning a pitch.

Since SmartBindings are an abstract layer between data and interface, it makes changing the data-structure or the interface a trivial affair, even at the final stages of the project. It also means developers and designers can truly work in parallel, further speeding up overall development.

Data delivery

Data is delivered to the application via Javeline TelePort, making Javeline FrameWork applications agnostic of back-end technology.

Javeline TelePort takes care of the communication between the client and the server. It elegantly handles errors, time-outs and retry. TelePort features an advanced polling interface for controlling reconnecting and polling frequency. Javeline TelePort has built-in support for XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON, REST, Comet and Javeline FrameWork-specific protocols.

Since Javeline has released TelePort under the Open Source GPL license, adding support for other protocols is easy. For access to the sourcode, please visit the project page at SourceForge.net.


While Javeline FrameWork is a new approach, it embraces existing technologies. For example, FrameWork uses Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) for data delivery, XHTML and CSS for presentation and XML for various data formats. This means developers and designers get to work with familiar technology straight away, with minimal adaptation time and leveraging existing knowledge.

Javeline FrameWork can be extended with various components available from Javeline, such as DeskRun™ and MediaFlow™. DeskRun delivers a FrameWork application to the Windows desktop from the exact same code base. MediaFlow allows extensive manipulation of media, for instance the realtime subtitling of video-streams.



  • TelePort communication layer
  • SmartBindings data-interface coupling
  • Animation Library
  • Skinning Engine
  • Includes 40 user-interface components


  • Rapidly construct applications
  • Quickly build prototypes and demonstrations
  • Change-management is facilitated through SmartBindings
  • Interchangeable server communication protocols
  • Extends existing technologies like XML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Familiar technology equals minimal adaptation time and leveraging of existing knowledge
  • Extensive set of default components to quickly compose interfaces

Included with FrameWork

Javeline® FrameWork™ Suite includes the following tools and libraries:

  • Javeline FrameWork:
    • Javeline Core Library
    • Javeline Component Library
    • Javeline TelePort Library
  • Manual and reference guide
  • Documented and Commented Example Code and Demos
  • Windows 2000 Skin set